Do you love your plants like children?

Do you love your plants like children?

We get you!  (Um, we are you.)  Chances are you talk to your plants, proudly share growth updates with fellow parents, and dote on them with lots of love and concern. We get it. 

Now is the time to get your plants ready for this critical season - spring. Read on for our tips and goodies.

Be gentle.

You don't want to be a helicopter parent, but you still need to protect your plants!  We just got Arber's biological concentrates for indoor and outdoor plants and they are the newest and coolest way to prevent insects, control diseases, and boost immunity.  (We've already had success using the Bio Insecticide on a home bug problem!) 

Drink your water!

There's more light in a day now, and your babies are drinking up more water as a result!  So get ready to shower those kids with lots of love, water, and a good misting.  We've been getting great feedback on our two-in-one spray watering can that saves time and space!  Plus it's just neat.

 It's time for a haircut.

If you have a nice pair of sharp snips, it's time to get all the sad foliage off.  This reroutes your plants' efforts and nutrients into new growth. 

We have a few options for you depending on your style, and what it is you're looking to trim. But generally, all of our snips are for every day. These incredibly sharp Japanese forged pruning shears are a tool you'll have for your lifetime. But if you're looking for a less expensive gets-the-job-done option, our snips from Modern Sprout are great too!

They're filthy, it's time for a bath!

Dust collected over the winter months actually clogs planty's pores, (yes, pores!) and while they don't get acne, they do get restricted oxygen and carbon dioxide flow, conduct less photosynthesis, and take in less water vapor.  If you take this delicate dusting as seriously as we do, you will freak over these luxurious microfiber gloves to do the job. 

All grown up! 

Some of the kids may be in need of a new pot, and now is the time to upgrade before they start growing even more.  While you're at it, it's a perfect opportunity to refresh soil by adding something extra nutritious, like this redwood potting mix with essential oils.  (It's completely sustainable too!)   


Take your multivitamin! 

Spring and summer are critical growth times for plants, and fertilizing their old, depleted soil gives them an extra boost.  We've had great results with Thrive and Boost plant vitamins.  It's like Flinstones for plants. but completely natural.  

We hope this helps you get ready to shake off that seasonal affective disorder and embrace warmer days.

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