Collection: Riddle Perfume and Body Oil

Why Riddle Perfume? 

Hops Petunia is thrilled to feature Riddle, a premium fragrance oil and skincare line founded in 2013 by Chelsea Voge in Venice Beach, CA. Driven by the mission to elevate confidence through scent, Riddle is not just about creating fragrances for different individuals, but for diverse occasions as well. The brand boasts seven signature scents, each radiating a unique personality. Whether you're in the mood for something subtly sophisticated for daily wear, a sensual fragrance for special moments, or a playful aroma for a casual outing, Riddle offers something extraordinary.

Subtle Scents and Pheromone Perfumes

Less is decidedly more when it comes to Riddle Perfume. Their fragrances are intentionally designed to be quietly inviting rather than overpowering. Crafted to linger close to the skin, Riddle Body Oils create an inviting trail as one moves or simply envelop the wearer in a personalized aura. Available in various forms such as roll-on oils, spray lotions, full-body oils, and even candles, Riddle ensures you're covered for every occasion.