Hops Petunia Pastel Fields Arrangement Example

How to Choose the Perfect Bouquet: A Comprehensive Guide to Hops Petunia Flower Arrangements

The best flower arrangement is the one you send

As far as we’re concerned you can’t really choose the wrong flower arrangement to send to your people, the gift of receiving a surprise bouquet from someone is a true delight, any way you slice it.  

The concept of sending or giving flowers to someone as a gesture of expressing feelings extends back hundreds of years, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese all refer to flower giving in their stories. And Victorians used it as a way of expressing emotions without words.

The idea that we still take part in this human tradition of expression is really special, there are few things that match the concept of giving flowers and receiving flowers. It's thoughtful, it can be a surprise, it's unexpected and gives someone a period of time to enjoy that sentiment by having those blooms displayed at home. 

Hops Petunia Arrangements

I personally designed all of our arrangements and I make it a point to think about who could this go to, why would someone send and what does it say. As well as do we hit a price point for everyone. If you’re looking for flowers near Kingston or the Hudson Valley, we hope you'll look us up! 


For example The Sweet Gesture.  is one of top sellers and for good reason, it's the most well rounded of our offerings. It's affordable, it's not an overwhelming size, and it's easy. This arrangement is ideal for someone you’re thinking about, or that might be having a hard time, was given some fun news, or for a birthday at the office. This arrangement is perfect for a desk or small space, the vase is perfect to reuse with a few stems from your garden, it's the cozy cup of coffee of arrangements. 


The Pastel Fields is another great option, this arrangement is wild and loose, it embodies casual simplicity and all your summer meadow dreams. I kept it playful with the colors I chose, it's great for a birthday celebration, or a visit to friends or relatives house. 


Another one of our best sellers is The Modern Meadow, this little gem is really for everyone, for anything, anytime. We merged a bit of traditional floral arranging with a Hops flare. It's classic in shape but the ingredients are seasonal and mixed together with heavily textured blooms to give you that interesting and dense meadow vibe. 

For the adventurer, the Designers Choice will be the most exciting. I worked in flower shops as a teenager before going off to college, and this has been a standard offering in flower shops for decades. This option is going to get you a more creative, flexible design, you can mention that the recipient loves orange and we will try to incorporate that. It's also the option that allows us to pick the best of what we have in the shop, be playful and express our style the most. It also allows you to choose a budget for us to work with. This is a great option if our others aren’t quite hitting the mark. 


I’m obviously biased, but this might be my favorite of the moment. The Painting, this arrangement is something I’ve been dreaming of making for years. I could never quite get my head around it. I have always admired the floral work of the Dutch Masters, the piling of flowers, the strange shapes and of course the combination of blooms, that are so out of my comfort zone, which only made me want to make it more. This arrangement is for the art lover, the maximalist, the over the top Aunt, or spouse. For someone who loves all flowers and color and who appreciates how they come together in this very special arrangement. 


Regardless, sending flowers is truly a special gesture, so whatever you pick will be great but hopefully this will help guide you. 

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