Side by side imnages of Yokohama boxes in front of the water in Japan

Invigorate your home and mind.

They say fragrance can awaken emotions, and remind you of memories, ease your anxiety and just, well, make you feel good.

The Cleanest Scents 

I am no scientist but I agree. Over the course of my life I have learned that a candle or a room fragrance can really make me feel like a new person. Its why at Hops we care so much about that experience for our guests. We stay away from alcohol-based perfumes, and try to offer as many natural, essential oil-based products. So that you're never offended by whats going on in our shop and it compliments the natural scent of flowers. 

I personally am very sensitive to scents, but I stand by everything we have in the shop, no headache-inducing scents here! 

Yohaku – The Scents of Nature 

The Japanese have used fragrance for these reasons for hundreds of years. In the 1300's they would perfume their armor with incense to cleanse their body, minds, and spirit as preparation for battle. In the 16th century as ikebana was also becoming an art, incense began to play a major role in Japanese culture. Games were played to guess the scent, upper class hung their kimonos over incense, they carried small vials of oils with them to refresh during the day. It was an integral part of everyday expression.


Yohaku Aroma bottles, side by side.



Yohaku Aroma is new at Hops but we are deep in love already. Each scent feels fresh and thoughtful, tranquil and invigorating. Oils and ancient woods are selected from all over Japan, for you to use in your home.

We love the small porcelain stone to place the oils and the room sprays are incredible. We spray them in the store a lot, maybe a little too much? I feel like every time I walk by I stop to spray one, but it might just be me. :) 

Anyway, we are all primed for Spring and that fresh, new season feeling. These aromas are a small way to start that now, evoke all those good sunny, woody, earthy feelings. 


Box of "Japanese Mint" Yokohama Scent


We hope you enjoy these spirit lifting scents as much as we do.



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