Collection: Baggu Bags & Accessories

There's nothing like a Baggu bag 

We're delighted to carry Baggu, a brand that has been synonymous with sustainability since its inception in 2007. Originally founded with the mission to combat single-use plastic bags, Baggu has consistently focused on minimizing waste throughout its operations. 

Baggu's reusable totes bags are well-built, created from a single sheet of recycled nylon to ensure minimal waste. The bag's neck is ingeniously used to create the carrying pouch, exemplifying Baggu's commitment to waste reduction. This innovative approach is being adopted across the brand's entire product lineup.

Totes and Bags - Built to Last

Baggu doesn't just design bags; it designs long time companions. Quality is at the forefront of every product, from material selection to construction techniques. While staying current is important, Baggu avoids the fast fashion trap by not chasing transient trends.

Efficiency in Materials

Baggu's use of a continuous piece of recycled nylon in its reusable bags exemplifies its dedication to both durability and waste minimization. This practice is central to their design ethos and is continuously refined to be implemented across all products.