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TU·ET·AL Bar Soap

TU·ET·AL Bar Soap

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Made locally in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, their family’s alchemical workshop transforms natural bounty into nourishing soaps. Every bar reflects their connection to the land and our commitment to sustainability. From the calendula in their gardens to the spring water from their land, each ingredient is chosen with care and respect for Mother Earth. 

5.5 oz bars

BLUE MOON - with organic indigo. Captured in this bar is the stimulating sense of awe that overwhelms you when you see the bright full blue moon rise in the sky. With the richness of Spanish Cypress and Petitgrain balanced by Lavender and a hint of Fennel.

BOUQUET - with rose petals and peony flower essence. The bouquet bar honors Mother Nature's gifts to us with rose petals, a blend of essential oils including rose geranium and lavender, and peony flower essence. 

MEADOW - with calendula flowers from the garden. Meadow holds the feeling of expansion after a deep healing experience. Unique to this soap is the healing sunshine power from the calendula flower, and the relaxed balanced mind and body that has overcome you from the oils of holy frankincense, clary sage, and cedar to bless the temple of your body. 

METEOR SHOWER - with apricot shells. Eucalyptus on the front opens your breath to usher in the expanse of the universe. Patchouli and camphor ground into the earth ignited by hints of blood orange and black pepper. Apricot shells provide the texture to gently exfoliate.

SOLSTICE - with red clay. Clary Sage relaxes, soothes and balances while the red clay acts as a protective barrier, like the hardiness of winter, simultaneously eliminating toxic substances that the skin has been exposed to, just as our bodies perspire in the summer. 

OBSIDIAN - with activated charcoal. Divine, magical, reflective. Obsidian embodies dark beauty. Intoxicating scents of patchouli and cedar draw you into the vast abyss as the top note of citrus brings in the light through the darkness. Charcoal pulls out the power and beauty you possess underneath the skin. 


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