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Touchy Coffee

Touchy Coffee 12oz Bag

Touchy Coffee 12oz Bag

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THE BEST! We love everything about Touchy, a neighboring business based in Troy, NY partnering with the world's best growers and creating thoughtful delicious beans.

Notes from the roasters:

Primrose: fresh flowers, rhubarb jam tweety bird

Kenya Karatina: Taste: Spiced Cocoa, Candied rhubarb, Mulholland Drive

Colombia Jorge Rojas: Taste: raspberry, fudgesicle, 95 bulls

Colombia Frank Torres: Taste: fresh hops • green gumdrop • fraggle rock

Rwanda Muzo Ikizere: Northern Province, Rwanda. Taste: apricot, cantaloupe, playful

 Ethiopia Gargari Gutity : Peachy Keen, Peach Snapple, Princess Peach


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