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Old World Ornaments

Old World Christmas Ornaments - Warmer Weather

Old World Christmas Ornaments - Warmer Weather

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Since 1979, Old World Christmas has been hand-crafting the finest ornaments using age-old techniques. These magical hand-blown glass ornaments are sure to light up your holiday. Made in Spokane, Washington.

Gebera Daisy- Daisies were referred to as "Day's Eye" because at night the petals close over the center and during the day they re-open. This hot pink Gerbera Daisy Ornament will make anyone feel fresh as a daisy when they receive this as a gift. Size: 3.75" X 3.5" X 1"

Summer Strawberry- In medieval Europe, strawberries were served at festivals and important state occasions to ensure peace and prosperity. Size: 3.5"

Red Rose- One of our favorite flowers. A Rose expresses promise, hope and new beginnings, but is contrasted by the sharp thorns. The thorns protect the delicate bush and allow it to share its beauty. Size: 2.25" X 3" X 3.25"

Mini Honey Bee- Buzz! Bees hold the world together. Their cross-pollination keeps crops and wild plants thriving. Size: 1.5"

Blackberry- This blackberry ornament can be an adorable addition to any Christmas tree! Blackberries grow on a prickly, thorny shrub that grows extensively if not maintained. Picking blackberries may result in a few scrapes and scratches, but the reward is delicious. Size: 2"


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