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LAKE & SKYE Fragrances

  • Lake & Skye is a line of aromatherapy blends, fragrance and floral waters. Hand blended in a high vibrational environment in both New York City and Los Angeles. Use these products as a gift you give to yourself throughout your days, to balance your mind, body and spirit.  Free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates. Vegan and cruelty free.  

  • 11 11 - A musky blend of white ambers.  It is a simple yet bold unisex blend inspired by the teachings of Kundalini yoga and the color white. It is a sheer, clean and uplifting fragrance with an ethereal vibe. The scent captures the feel of skin after emerging from the ocean, mixed with a crisp texture and transparency.  Eau de Parfum 1 fl oz / Oil .33 fl oz.

    Wildflowers - Top notes of Fig and Osmanthus with a heart of Stargazer Lily, Honeysuckle and Tea Rose, set in a base of Cedar and Rain Accord.  This scent of wild florals, dry grass and soft textures is inspired by the fields surrounding Upstate, NY. The unique purple quality of osmanthus gives way to all hues of green, and hints of Virginia cedar ground this fragrance while tempering it’s sweetness with a dry, woody feel.  .33 fl oz.

    Illumination - Energizing top notes of Blood Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon, with a heart of Jasmine Grandiflorum and a base of Frankincense, Sandalwood in Organic Jojoba Oil.  This vivacious blend helps to restore a natural glow from the inside out – it helps to brighten, energize and elevate. These oils are believed to refresh the mind, revealing a beaming, radiant being. .33 fl oz.

    Mother - Top note Bergamot with a heart of Neroli and Jasmine and a base of Frankincense in  Organic Jojoba & Coconut Oil. Motherhood is life magnified, it runs the gamut from chaotic and messy to divine and beautiful. Blended to give that extra support to help relieve tension, enable the remembrance of your true nature and relax into the beauty of the present moment.  .33 fl oz.

    Epic Love - Top note of Geranium with a heart of Jasmine and Rose Damask and a base of Vanilla and Patchouli in Organic Jojoba Oil.  This intoxicating and alluring love tonic is opulent and lush.  Filled with powerful aphrodisiac essential oils that can heighten the senses and create an inner and outer glow.  The oils are believed to open the  heart chakra, igniting charisma and magnetism.  .33 fl oz.

    Jasmine Floral Water - Sourced from the Madurai region of India also known as "The Nectar City," the Jasmine Sambac floral is believed to be an antidepressant and refined aphrodisiac.  The scent is both euphoric and refreshing.  Garlands of  Jasmine are used as devotional offerings and the white flower is harvested in the evening at its aromatic peak.   A pure hydrosol.  2 fl oz. 

    Frankincense Floral Water - This special floral water is from Oman, where the same family has harvested Frankincense for decades.  It is believed to provide moisture and soften wrinkles.  Excellent for clearing and purifying the home and office spaces, Frankincense is the Middle Eastern equivalent of Sage and often used by Feng-Shui practitioners.  It is known for expanding the energetic body, and is great for use prior to mediation.  A pure hydrosol.  2 fl oz.