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Inspiration Trio of Oils by TTOFB

Inspiration Trio of Oils by TTOFB

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Details: A captivating trio of all three facial oils to give you an opportunity to discover each of them and how they can work for your skin, its regimen and your personal rituals.

Size: 15 mls


Dream Skin Concentrate: Formulated with oils that support regeneration, fortifies collagen and elasticin as well as floods the skin with antioxidants and free radical capability offering an element future skin cell health. Botanical infusions surge the skin with information to deeply nourish, protect and strengthen. This mid to heavier weight oil is ideal for evening use or anytime the skin is need of more support.

Elemental Oil: Formulated as an easily absorbed formula utilizing the power of Calendula to restore and repair the delicate protective barrier of the skin as well as working in alignment with your Lymphatic System to keep things moving encouraging natural radiance and a healthy tone to the skin along with targeting dryness and soothing irritation caused by inflammation both above and below the skins surface. Sunflower Oil and Jojoba Oil are rich in antioxidant support creating an internal environment of stable cells and working towards future cell health.

Day Glow Oil: Formulated with plant-derived and bio-available Squalane Oil that absorbs deeply and easily into the skin with a lightweight flawless dry down. Botanical elements assist the lymphatic system in debris removal, increasing radiance and luster from the inside out. Can be mixed with makeup or moisturizer.

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