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ARBER Plant Concentrates

ARBER Plant Concentrates

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Arber's biologicals are made from the powerful, naturally occurring elements proven to prevent disease and unwanted pests and promote unparalleled growth and abundance, all while doing good for us and our environment.  Check out Arber's pretty spray bottle with measuring lines to make mixing the concentrates easy peasy here.  

Bio Fungicide: 

Control challenging diseases longer with our natural bio fungicide. Protects against fungus, mold, mildew, and rot using Mother Nature’s good bacteria. Say goodbye to disease on your leaves and in your soil and hello to stronger plants. Disease protection for both indoor and outdoor gardening.

Bio Insecticide: 

Protect plants from all types of pests with an organic insecticide that uses good bacteria that’s harmless to beneficial insects and pollinators. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Simply spray the plant or soak the soil, and say goodbye to plant pests for good. Controls and Prevents: Aphids, fungus gnats, mites, mealybugs, leafhoppers, tent caterpillars, grubs, leaf beetles, thrips, whiteflies, stink bugs, fruit flies, and more.

Bio Protectant: 

Stimulate growth and safeguard your outdoor garden with this powerful biological plant extract that will boost your plants’ inherent defenses to naturally protect itself and ward off disease. Our bio protectant helps your garden grow to new heights with greener leaves, deeper roots, and improved soil health.  May be used vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, flowers, foliage, houseplants, and shrubs.  Controls/ prevents powdery mildew, leaf spot, black spot, and rust.

8 oz bottles/Made in USA


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