Spruce Up Your Space: A Guide to Hops Petunia's Home Decor Essentials

Spruce Up Your Space: A Guide to Hops Petunia's Home Decor Essentials

You might not expect your local florist to also carry a large selection of beautiful and functional items, but we are not your regular florist! ;) 

I’ve always had a passion for creating an inviting space, either for myself or others. I feel that it can be a very simple thing, that you can get out of it more than the effort it takes to do it. A short list to use as reference is candles/scent, texture/objects and color/mood.

Scent is very important to any space, even if you are someone who does not wear perfume, like myself, someone who dislikes most scents, also like myself, there are ways to create an inviting space with light, bright and natural scents.

Here are a few of our staff favorite scents to suit any home.

PF Candle Teakwood & Tobacco: A true standard, especially in our neck of the woods. PF has easy packaging, it's great for travel, and this scent really is a very nice, comfortable, woodsy scent that everyone enjoys.

Tatine Garden Mint: Oooooo this one, this one is just delightful, its fresh, its slightly minty, it feels like a 70 degree day in the middle of spring. Yet its earthy and not perfumy AT ALL. 

Underhill Incense Cones: This brand made such a classic new scent, its warm, its rich, its complex, a mix of herbs, wood, tobacco and open air. This is for a slightly bolder scent than the others but still natural and warm.

Yohaku Aroma Mist ~ Sunrise: I love a good room spray and Yohaku is THE BEST – it’s fresh, natural, and bright. Woodsy and Citrusy. Japanese culture has a long history of perfect incense and aromas and these are an incredible example of that. 

Making a room comfortable and cozy 

Color and depth, pattern and playfulness also add interest and personality, which makes for a comfortable and cozy space.

Botanist Trays:  are a great way to add color without a big commitment or price tag. Put these under a pile of books or use them as a catchall in your hallway.


Magic Linen Towels: This is where function fills in for style, picking towels and functional items that bring in color and natural textures in your space. 

Farmhouse Pottery Crocks: A classic, timeless exceptional item. These handmade crocks fit in any kitchen and will complement any decor. All of these small design moments make for a bigger impact overall. 

Objet Aimee & Karen Gayle Tinney Pottery: Pottery can really warm up a space, and its also a more affordable way to collect art and unique objects for your home. These are two of my absolute favorites, they both challenge ceramic standards and really have their very own styles that will stand out in any room.

Regardless of your decor, choose items that speak to you, and feel good to YOU, don’t buy into trends, or what just what Target has that moment, (you can always mix the two) but having special items that tell a story, remind you of a time and place, or take you back to a grand memory will create a cozy home for you and your guests.

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