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Yohaku Aroma Mist ~ Sunrise

Yohaku Aroma Mist ~ Sunrise

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A woody citrus aroma, for a time that passes quietly as morning light shines on the dew of plants.  A blend of woody citrus, formed by citrus and Japanese mint to evoke bright morning light, blended with woody, green, and floral scents reminiscent of a quiet forest blanketed in morning mist.

Top Note: bergamot and lemon and japanese mint

Middle Note: artemisia and mimosa

Last Note: cedarwood

Use for the room, or hands. This aroma mist contains a moisturizing component to keep your hands healthy.  

Aroma is 100% natural plant essential oils in a base of vegetable fermented ethanol, with glycerine (moisturizer). 

100ml bottle. 100% natural.  Not for use on the skin. 

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