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Tatine 8 oz Candles

Tatine 8 oz Candles

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One of our favorite candlemakers! Tatine creates interesting and warm blends that feel like home, amazing aromatherapy while you take a nice bath or steamy shower.

8 oz. soy wax candle in artisan mouth-blown smoke grey glass. When burned properly, you will enjoy 60 hours of a delicate fragrant atmosphere. This smoke grey glass was handmade and mouth-blown by skillful artisans and was created to be beautifully repurposed. 

WOODSMOKE - The mystical aroma of an autumnal fire burning as smoke gently drifts across the room. A sweet, woody perfume of cedarwood, fir balsam, and fragrant forest resins with kindling and natural clove oils.

FOREST FLOOR - An earth perfume with mushroom nuances, mists of rain-soaked ferns, and the earthen smell of dark green moss covering the cool, damp dirt of the forest floor.

GARDEN MINT - A bouquet of highly aromatic mint leaves and sweet spearmint accented with fresh, sparkling, and spicy pink peppercorns and lemon tea. 

FLOWERS ON THE HILLSIDE - Beds of clover and dark green grasses in heavenly realms. Oakmoss mixes with rose oil and geranium bourbon leading to a dry down of lemon oil. The wildings of nature that lull you back to the summer of your dreams.

LAUREL CANYON - An evocation of rainfall on sun-drenched arid soil. Canyon wildflowers float into the air and into the rain-soaked eucalyptus trees, carrying the aromas of cannabis, juicy apricots, and rustic suede. You can almost smell the music.

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