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Niwaki Japanese Fruit Knife

Niwaki Japanese Fruit Knife

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This beautifully crafted Japanese piece is referred to a fruit knife, but it is excellent for any most fruit and vegetables. It can be kept incredibly sharp, due to its Japanese steel, and stored safely with its satisfying cherrywood sheath (easily freed with just a pop of the thumb). Its steel is more delicate than Westerners are accustomed to, due to it's high carbon content, so use with care. 

When respected and well-cared for, it performs for a lifetime.  A good rule of thumb is to show it the same respect you show your poshest wine glasses. But don’t be put off. They are great to use and easy to care for. To get the best from your knives:

  • Wash them by hand and dry thoroughly afterwards.
  • Wipe over with Camellia Oil if not using regularly.  Buy it here.
  • Sharpen every two weeks or so of regular use.
  • Take care with harder foods, such as the skin of a pumpkin or a squash.
  • Never leave in water for long periods of time, or put in dishwasher.

Cherry wood.  Made in Japan.  91mm blade. 


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