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Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker

Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker

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As a customer said to us, "it's the thing I never knew I needed!"

This cute little speaker is perfect for a backyard hang, dinner in the park, a walk in the woods, a late-night swim, whatever you dream up.

The Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker has two brilliant illumination settings. Push the light button once to enjoy a flickering light reminiscent of a Bonfire and push a second time for a consistent fire-like glow.  To listen to music, simply push and hold the Bluetooth button, and the speaker will automatically search for surrounding Bluetooth devices. The +/- buttons control both volume and fast forward/rewind functions.  Since the Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker Use with confidence in the bathroom, other damp/wet or dusty environments, and outside!  The Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker is IP65 Certified (International Protection: recognized standard for determining both water & dust resistance).

Power supply: DC 5V 600mA (USB rechargeable) 

Rechargeable battery (built-in): 

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Run time: 

Light + speaker = 7 hours

Light only = 30 hours 

Size: approx. φ3.6" h7.5"

Weight: approx. 1.2 lb

Protective structure: IP65 (dust and water-resistant)

Accessories: USB cable for charging (Micro USB Type-B)

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