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Upstate Stock

Upstate Stock Cone Incense

Upstate Stock Cone Incense

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The season has changed! And now we want our homes filled with woodsy, cozy scents of our favorite places. Natura brings us peace and comfort. Enjoy these Upstate, NY inspired incense brought to us by Upstate Stock.

25 pieces per box
15-20 minutes burn time
Always burn incense in a well-ventilated room, away from flammable materials. Never leave incense burning unattended or in reach of children, pets, or a draft.

Hunter Mountain Known for its ski resorts, Upstate Stock prefers it's summertime splendor. Covered in boreal forests & lush foliage, Red clover forms in abundance upstate & it is known as an amazing herbal remedy for mild skin conditions. Combined with Juniper Berry this collection sports a brisk energy that is sure to add a spring to your step. Chamomile helps to create a musky & floral scent that is incredibly unique.

Albany Black Spruce This scent is meant to recreate early morning walks through the woods on the banks of the Hudson River. The damp earth and moss, the earthy and spicy notes of black spruce stimulate and refresh, while Frankincense is a meditative oil and is known to promote vitality and strength. Vetiver is grounding and musky and invokes a sense of security.

Nestled in the Adirondacks, Ferris Lake is surrounded by old-growth spruce as well as numerous ponds & streams, making it a sportsman’s dream. Its's Upstate Stock's brightest collection using Jasminum Officinale (jasmine) to uplift while vetiver is added to cool & calm the senses.

Kaaterskill Wilds The falls at Kaaterskill State Park create one of the most iconic vistas on the entire East Coast. A base of clove), inspired by the raw vivacity of raging waters, this collection stimulates while providing healing on levels deeper than the skin. Black pepper, & the smallest touch of patchouli, this scent is rich & lively like the falls themselves, but also extremely calming & tranquil.


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