Collection: TBCo - Tartan Blanket Co

We are thrilled to feature products from Tartan Blanket Co., a brand that resonates deeply with our values and aesthetics. TBCo began with a simple yet profound mission: to offer beautifully designed home textiles that are not only sustainable but also have a positive impact on people and the planet. Their journey from a small start-up with a recycled wool blanket to becoming a certified B-Corp exemplifies their commitment to ethical practices and environmental responsibility.

We offer some of the finest products from Tartan Blanket Co. (TBCo), renowned for their eco-friendly and stylish blankets, scarves, hats, gloves, and socks. Each TBCo product, from luxuriously soft wool blankets to cozy scarves and warm gloves, is crafted with a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

Check out TBCo's sustainable blankets, a perfect addition to any home. Wrap yourself in the warmth of our carefully curated selection of scarves, each piece a testament to TBCo’s dedication to beautiful design and environmental responsibility. Our range of hats and gloves offers not only physical warmth but also the assurance of eco-conscious craftsmanship.

At Hops Petunia, we take pride in presenting TBCo's environmentally friendly socks and other textiles – it's a step towards a sustainable future.