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Yohaku Aroma Oil ~ Sunrise

Yohaku Aroma Oil ~ Sunrise

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A woody citrus aroma, for a time that passes quietly as morning light shines on the dew of plants.  A blend of woody citrus, formed by citrus and Japanese mint to evoke bright morning light, blended with woody, green, and floral scents reminiscent of a quiet forest blanketed in morning mist.

Top Note: bergamot, lemon, Japanese mint

Middle Note: artemisia and mimosa

Last Note: cedarwood 

Features Wahakka Oil (Japanese mint), obtained by steam distillation from whole Japanese mint plants grown in Hokkaido, Japan. 

Pour an appropriate amount of oil in an aroma pot, on an aroma stone, or a wood card, and enjoy the aroma.  

10oz recycled glass bottle. 100% natural.  Not for use on the skin. 


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