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Wildwood Chocolates

Wildwood Chocolates

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Wildwood chocolates are inspired by the majestic natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Each bar is handcrafted with unique flavor combinations, textures, and balance to create an exceptional chocolate experience. 

Berry Berry - Even more striking than the beauty of this bar is the balance of its tart and natural sweetness brought forward by hand-placed strawberries and raspberries on top of rich 70% dark chocolate.

Cardamom & Honey - Giving you warm comforting satisfaction, cardamom & honey cozy together in a sheet of hand-made caramel covered in layers of rich 70% dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt.

Texas Brittle - This satisfying crunchy salted brown butter pecan brittle covered in rich 70% dark chocolate has it all!

The Nib Bar - Cacao nibs with hints of fruit and caramel provide essential crunch on top of rich 70% dark chocolate. This bar is simply perfect chocolate, chocolate.

Marcona Almond - Crunchy buttery Marcona Almonds sprinkled over with a dash of sea salt provides the perfect savory companion to rich 70% dark chocolate. This bar is savory sweet!

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