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Tartan Blanket Co.

Tartan Blanket Co. Kids' Hats

Tartan Blanket Co. Kids' Hats

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Do you know about the huge benefits of wool for babies? These merino and cashmere accessories aren’t just comfortable and cute, they’re actually good for a baby's well-being.

Up to reaching 18 months old, babies need a little help regulating their temperature, and the wool from a merino sheep is known to be exceptionally insulating thanks to its fine, curly strands. We mix this with the downy coat of the cashmere goat to add a silky softness that is gentle on sensitive skin. Do it nature’s way and keep a little one cozy, happy and healthy with wool.

Size |  6-12 Months (L:16cm W:18cm)
Materials | 70% Merino / 30% Cashmere

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