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Mezcal Tasting Kit

Mezcal Tasting Kit

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A Mezcal and Tequila infusion and tasting kit to include: 4 handblown glass tasting cups with wide mouths for full flavor absorption, and a wide top decanter so it’s easy to add infusion ingredients. The included cork will provide a strong seal on the decanter. 

Verve Culture Glassblowing Artisans
We partner with Javier Gutierrez Esponsa and his team of dedicated glassblowers in Tonala, Mexico. Glassblowing is an art that takes up to 20 years to master, and Javier’s team has glassblowers of different skill levels. Check out their glasses and carafe.

Decanter - Appx. 1.4L.
Jicara Cups - Appx. 150ml
(each piece is handmade and will vary slightly in size, shape, and capacity).

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