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Hops Petunia Floral

Hops Petunia Candles!

Hops Petunia Candles!

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Our signature shop scents are now available in a 10 oz reusable, ceramic container with a lid!

We are so proud to share with you our very own candles and worked for over a year to narrow down and curate these scents. We've been asked for years how to bottle up the smell of our shop, now nature is perfect and impossible to replicate but Flower Shop is a scent that embodies all of the delicious smells that make up our space, it's fresh, it's deep and herbaceous. 

We also developed a second scent that will give you a warm cozy hug at the end of the day, a welcome home, take your shoes off, sit down, and just breathe kind of scent. That we call Get Cozy.

Flower Shop- Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Orange, Oakmoss

Get Cozy- Bergamot, Honey, Tobacco, Amber

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