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Finder Books

Finder Books

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These pocket-sized guides are great for gifts, to take on hikes, and for kids! A simple easy to follow find ferns, flowers, and trees in your own backyard.

FERN FINDER: A guide to identifying native ferns that grow in the U.S. Midwest and Northeast, and eastern Canada. Like other plant guides in the "Finders" series, "Fern Finder" is a dichotomous key, which leads the user step-by-step through a series of choices to the species being identified. 

TREE FINDER: A guide to identifying native (and some widely introduced) trees of U.S. and Canada east of the Rocky Mountains. Organized as a dichotomous key, the book leads the user through a series of simple questions about the shape or appearance of different parts of a tree. Includes 161 species. 

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