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Diamante Blanket - Black & Cream

Diamante Blanket - Black & Cream

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Spanish for "Diamond," and Spanish for "Highlands," the Diamante blanket, and the Páramo blanket are one of the four designs in this Wasi Monochrome collection representing the mystery of the Ecuadorian Andes.

Whatever the weather, our soft and versatile blankets will give extra comfort and ambiance to life’s most treasurable moments. Ethically made and beautifully designed by indigenous artisans from the highlands in Ecuador. Each blanket includes a complimentary small lint brush inside of a small muslin bag for maintaining purposes.

Item's details: 100% recycled acrylic Hypoallergenic Made in Ecuador

To Wash: Hand wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle Tumble dry (in low heat) For Stains: On the stained area, blot and absorb the liquid as best as you can. Immediately after that, wash the blanket to prevent the stain from setting into the fibers of the blanket.

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