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We LOVE these at Hops, when you come to our shop the odds are we're burning one of these delicious scents.

The compact travel tins are perfect for a road trip or at home. Bring warmth and comfort with you and create a cozy moment anywhere. The tins are easy to pack and you can use the lid to burn the cones.
  • 20+ cones per tin
  • Natural essential oils
  • Natural bamboo charcoal cone
  • Reusable/recyclable packaging
  • Burn time: 20 min approx.

DISCOVERY KIT - For the new recruit or the seasoned veteran, the BLACKBIRD Incense Discovery Set allows you to choose your own adventure. INCLUDES TWO CONES OF EACH SCENT.


AiPronounced: "eye" - meaning love in Japanese and Chinese. There's a modern elegance to this ultra-green scent. Geranium's dark, lush flora casts its rosy scent over perfectly symmetrical marble pathways. 

Gorgo - is inspired by the story of Gorgo, Queen of Sparta, and wife to King Leonidas. She was most famous for discovering a secret message on a wood tablet covered in beeswax warning the Spartans of Xerxes' pending invasion. Brilliant layers of contrasting woods and beeswax, rich and musky.

Izba - reminiscent of traditional Russian farmhouses with warm wood walls and smoky fireplaces, and the wild herbs and flowers growing outside. Notes of cedarwood, lavender.

Lone - A mature collection of moss specimens from the damp swampy forests of New Orleans. Bright and alive, damp and ancient. Notes of New Orleans moss, African bluegrass, fig, cedarwood.

Malus -The smell of too much whisky and cigarettes on a musty wool shirt. The smell of a leather chair whose springs have lost their bounce. Notes of nootka cypress, oak, amyris, cypriol, scotch whisky, damp ash, vanilla, leather.

Mars - smells of warm red spicy things with a bright and dusty incense at its core. Notes of frankincense, dragon's blood resin, dust.

Muru - is a sophisticated and rich, green, woody-earthy smell. Burning Muru imparts a foreign, exotic feel to any atmosphere. The name Muru means grass in Estonian. Notes of vetiver, yuzu, cypress, soil.

Ploom - Softly dark tobacco blends with bright gardenia and spicy bay for a sensual and provocative accord. Notes of gardenia, tobacco, bay, guaiac wood, sandalwood, tonka bean.

Targa - harnesses earth's primal smoke and restructures it to feel fresh and contemporary in our ever-evolving world. Notes of guaiac wood, teak, oud, copaiba balsam, frankincense, cedarwood, black pepper, nutmeg, choya loban, nagarmotha, sandalwood, smoke, myrrh and vetiver

Tilde -  The punctuation mark on your day that provokes primal earth and ancient woods to play with the fresh green growth of wildflowers, shrubs, and cedar saplings. Notes of agarwood/oud, black pepper, sage, patchouli, geranium, cedarwood.

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