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LVNEA Parfum Botanique

  • We are totally in love with LVNEA scents, and it's one of our most popular products at Hops Petunia. Probably because these fragrances accentuate anyone's style perfectly.
  • Parfume Botaniques come in a beautiful black glass bottle with a crystal roller-ball, inside a matte black tube.  Scents come in a base of coconut oil, and are blended with an essential oil blend, natural plant extracts, and artisanal plant tinctures.

    10ml / .33oz.



  • Ghost Pine - crisp pine needles, crushed foliage, damp moss patches, and ancient woods.

    Frost Flowers - tuberose, jasmine blossoms, frozen mint leaves, black currants, elemi resin, cypress, ambrette musk seed.

    Papillon De Nuit - palo santo wood, ambrette musk seed, botanical white musk accord, White copal resin, sandalwood, white florals.

    Amethyste - jasmine, rose, white sage, pink pepper.

    Dagger Moon - mitti attar (baked earth), tree moss, ruh khus, juniper berries, palo santo wood, crushed coffee beans, and nutmeg.  

    L’Alchimie -blood orange, vanilla, rosemary, black pepper, and sweet resins.

    L’Etranger -vanilla, whiskey, oak barrels, cedar, and tobacco, with hints of smoky pine wood.

    Black Sea - a botanical ambergris blend with hints of wood, burnt sea shells, musk, cedar, coconut, oakmoss, and sandalwood.

    Fern & Moss - fresh, green, uplifting with lavender, basil, pink grapefruit, green herbs, and dark moss.

    Cuir Fetiche - botanical leather notes with agarwood, saffron, and incense.

    Nuit Desert - cedar leaf, smoke, and jasmine.

    Violet Woods - crushed violet leaves and petals atop a base of softwoods.

    Lumen Naturae - honey, poplar buds, lemon verbena, tomato leaf.