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Troutbeck Planners Dining Club

Dining with Hops Petunia

Last month we had the pleasure of working with one of our favorite planners in the biz, Jove Meyer. His vision and execution is always top notch!Alongside a dream team of fellow vendors, we were lucky enough to participate in a gorgeous dinner party at Troutbeck in Amenia, NY. 

These types of events and parties are so important to us for many reasons. One, they're so fun to work on. But mostly it's because we can showcase what we love – the celebration of friends and gathering people around a table, experiencing, food, conversation, and being face to face with a table full of gorgeous fresh blooms.

This close interaction is where you get to see details up close and truly enjoy the intricate story of flowers, food and design. With the Planner Dining Club event, we wanted to pull rich tones from their beautiful decor, as well as infuse some really bold colors to juxtapose against the table setting, space, and wintery scenic views.We wanted rich, rich rich textures, and lots of them!

That little lady, was our friendly rose, Nina, we love love love her at Hops, she is always the life of the party. The deep orange-red hue is bold and strong, so against the soft pinks of the Troutbeck bar, and the rich textures on the table, the Nina rose gives strength and interest. Pair this with lush season fruit platters, snazzy bright greens, and La Maison Fete dishes and you've got yourself one hell of a party.

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